Our Services

Lawn Installation

Many do not know this but green grass starts from the root up.  Soil has to be of the right mix and the right type in order to sprout a healthy looking lawn. Our lawn installation service will make sure that your Sod grass takes root and produces a rich strong green that you’ll be proud of throughout the year.

Lawn Assessment

Because different homes have different types of soil it is often difficult or confusing to determine what type of lawn that your home needs. We like to help home owners avoid the risk of using the wrong type of lawn, a mistake that can cost them thousands.  Our lawn assessment service will evaluate your overall landscape to see the best type of lawn or installation type best fits you.  You can then hire us to install the lawn or take this information to shop around.

Lawn Leveling

The grass all around your home might not be even leading to charred areas or difficulties when mowing your lawn.  To resolve this our lawn leveling service can  remove high spots, low spots and grade your soil to be nice and smooth before your grass is laid.

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